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About the Project

The Sanctuary

Imagine a warm, inviting space that enhances the spiritual feeling of community events, family milestones and services. The "in the round" design allows maximum comfort, visibility and togetherness. 

The Building

Gorgeous stained glass windows depicting the twelve tribes will welcome visitors to a place that was designed to be both beautiful and secure. Numerous classrooms, a large playground and a renovated social hall were designed to serve the needs of all members of the community.

The Space

Large common areas will minimize crowding even during the busiest times and numerous fellowship areas with ample seating will create comfortable, inviting places for friends to visit with one another.

Opportunties to Contribute

Create a Legacy

Projects like this happen once in a generation, so you'll have the rare chance to leave a lasting mark for your family, loved ones and community by participating.
We've created ways for meaningful sponsorships to fit your budget, so simply click the button below to learn more about all of the ways you can contribute to this exciting endeavor.

Naming Opportunities

The following naming opportunities give your family a chance to be permanently associated with a vital part of the synagogue. (All naming opportunities are awarded on a first-come basis.)

Sanctuary - Lobby entrance recognition $1,000,000

Beit Midrash $500,000
Educational Wing SOLD
Meat/Dairy Kitchens $200,000
Playground $150,000
Beit Midrash - Aron Kodesh SOLD
Ida Prengler Social Hall Renovations $100,000
Great Hall -Lobby SOLD
Administrative Wing SOLD
Sanctuary - Bimah $72,000
Sanctuary - Chair of Elijah $50,000
Sanctuary - Chazzan's lectern SOLD
Sanctuary Ritual Washing Station $36,000
Classroom 1 Floor 1 SOLD
Classroom 2 Floor 1 SOLD
Classroom 3 Floor 1 SOLD
Classroom 4 Floor 1 SOLD
Classroom 1 Floor 2  SOLD  
Classroom 2 Floor 2  SOLD
Classroom 3 Floor 2 $25,000
Sanctuary - Neir Tamid  SOLD
Stained Glass Windows
Reuven $36,000
    Levi $36,000
    Shimon $36,000
    Judah $36,000
    Issachar $36,000
    Zebulen $36,000
    Dan $36,000
    Naftali $36,000
    Gad $36,000
    Asher $36,000
    Joseph $36,000
    Benjamin SOLD

Beit Midrash Stained glass $36,000
Cubbies (#1) $25,000
Cubbies (#2) $25,000
Sanctuary - Pulpit SOLD
Youth Rabbi's Office$25,000
Baby Feeding Space SOLD
Mezuzot $18,000
Coat Closet $18,000
Sanctuary Sefarim Bookcase (#1) SOLD
Sanctuary Sefarim Bookcase (#2)  SOLD
Sanctuary Talis Rack $18,000
Social Hall Washing station (#1) SOLD
Social Hall Washing station (#2) $18,000 Sanctuary - Rabbis Chair and Shtender$18,000

Beit Midrash - Neir Tamid SOLD
Beit Midrash - Shulchan $18,000
Sanctuary - Parochet SOLD
Sanctuary - Honorary Chair SOLD
Beit Midrash - Lectern $10,000
Beit Midrash - Parochet SOLD
Beit Midrash - Shulchan cover SOLD
Beit Midrash - Bookcases(#1) $10,000
Beit Midrash - Bookcase (#2) $10,000
Biet Midrash Bookcase (#3) $10,000
Beit Midrash Bookcase (#4) $10,000

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